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"SPEED TO LEAD" is what we live and breathe. We practice it every day, all day.

FRANpro Consulting was created by necessity, growing by demand. This is much like many of the brands we have the pleasure of working with, and for. 

One of FRANpro's core values is to never over-promise, or under-deliver, which is why we work hard every day, to find those brands that are a perfect match and understand the value we offer to those emerging brands and markets.


FRANpro strongly believes that technology will drive the franchise industry and we embrace those new, emerging technologies which we leverage uniquely in our sales strategies. 

We want to tell your brand story. Understanding your brand direction, growth goals, and knowing what type of candidates you seek, is what we do. All-day. Every day. Single unit and multi-unit owners along with local area developers and high-net-worth investors looking for master franchises are all under our FRANpro umbrella.


FRANpro seeks those brands that are: Disruptive. Innovative. Unique.



Embracing emerging technology to become the premier franchise sales agency while maintaining our honesty and authenticity.


Using professionalism, we utilize our family-driven process and assist our customers to achieve their aspirations. We focus on building growth, bridging communities to new opportunities, all while adding value to our relationships.



Franchisee engagement is critical both during the sales and discovery process as well as post-launch. FRANpro prides itself on our ability to engage those entrepreneurs early in the process to establish the importance of this element with the goal of creating engagement that carries into the brand growth.


We love learning, it’s a never-ending process. Learning all about your brands objectives, goals, processes and expectations, form the early relationship guidelines we use, to attract driven, qualified and capable franchisees. During the sales process FRANpro spends the time necessary to provide and communicate all the brand guidelines and criteria you use to consider prospects for awarding franchises.


Using our national network and various social media platforms, FRANpro promotes your brand, creating brand value, awareness and communicating your unique selling points. Creating a demand for your brand, supplies our lead generation programs and drives traffic to your websites and social media platforms growing your brand organically.

Rock Climber


"We have had the pleasure of working with Sean and his team at FRANpro through 2019 and 2020 as we navigated significant growth and opened new markets. The team at FRANpro is committed to success, driving franchise interest through marketing efforts while mastering the engagement of prospective franchisees. Sean manages time effectively, responding in seconds or minutes, not hours to any inquiry.


From a competency perspective, the team at FRANpro are:

  •      Excellent communicators

  •      Great team players

  •      Respectful of the process

  •      Quick at responding to all inquiries, internal or external

From a performance perspective, the team at FRANpro are:

  •      Strong with the sales process

  •      Cost-effective

  •      Able to reach new audiences 

  •      Competent in Franchise Development

I would recommend Sean and believe he can be of great value to a developing business or one that wants to enter new markets."

Brian Bazely, CEO

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